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Caucasus International University, Georgia

About Caucasus International University, Georgia

Caucasus International University is a private university located in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has a 27-year-long educational history. It offers undergraduate, and postgraduate programs and Doctoral programs in various fields such as business- technology, and social sciences, in addition to Law, and Viticulture- wine making only undergraduate, and post-graduate programs are available. Whilst in Medicine the undergraduate degree, and various graduate programs are available. The university is recognized by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and is accredited by international organizations such as the World Federation for Medical Education and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.

 In the year 1995, the Caucasus International University was founded as a medical institute “Clinitsist” with great employment results later in the year 2006 it starts serving multi-disciplinary subjects such as business, law, social sciences, and humanities hence the university was reintroduced, and named as Caucasus International University. The university has a highly inventive curriculum that includes not only theoretical but also technical skills in it, therefore, it has witnessed mass new enrollments every year (approx. 700). In the year 2005, it gained the Accreditation by Council of the higher education institution.

Moreover, Caucasus International University has achieved successful authorization, earning accreditation for six years from the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement's Authorization Council. This decision, made on November 14, 2018, was the highest assessment given to any higher education institution in Georgia.

Previously, in 2007, CIU was granted institutional accreditation for five years by the Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institutions. In 2012, CIU was granted another five-year authorization by the Authorization Council of HEI of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. During this most recent authorization period, which began in 2012 and continues to the present, a total of 30 undergraduate, one-cycle, post-graduate, and Ph.D. educational programs offered by CIU were granted accreditation.

On July 14, 2015, CIU's application for authorization was approved by the Authorization Council of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, and the council established the university's student population as 4,700.

Why should you choose Caucasus International University and its Department of Medicine (MBBS/MD)?

Since 1995, Medicine was the oldest realm which is been taught at Caucasus International University and the university was known as “Clinitsist”.

  • This significant department has the major and the highly qualified alumni therefore the Caucasus International University becomes one of the best choices for students who are looking for the MBBS course.
  • The Caucasus International University has become a  member of the directory of medical schools by (World Federation for Medical Education, also called (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research known as (FAIMER).
  • In the year 2016, The Caucasus International University has got acknowledged as a foreign Medical institution by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and also becomes an affiliated member of the International Association for Medical Education “AMEE” in 2018.
  • Paying comparably less for the tuition fee is like the cherry on top which fascinates the students.
  • The curriculum is taught in both the languages Georgian and English
  • Approved by the national medical commission (NMC) listed in the WHO (World Health Organizations) and Directory of FAIMER.
  • Modern infrastructural facilities and technology enable students and teachers both to participate and promote a healthy teaching and learning environment.
  • Practitioners may later appear for exams like USMLE, PLAB, and many more. ( PLAB - Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board) is the medical licensing exam required for foreign doctors who want to work in the UK, and the( USMLE- is the US Medical Licensing Exam).

Ranking and Reputation:

Caucasus International University as of the year 2022:

  • Country ranking = 12th
  • Worldwide Ranking = 8341
  • Rating = 3.2
  • Credit Load = 360 ECTS


  • MCI (Medical Council of India
  • WHO (World Health Organization )
  • Directory of FAIMER ( Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)
  • (WFME) (World Federation for Medical Education )


  1. Students who are looking for MBBS in The Caucasus International  University, Georgia, must have the age of 17 by the 31st of December ( No upper limit of age )
  2. A person must have PCB and English Subject at 12th with at least 50%
  3. The requirement of NEET is MANDATORY with qualifying scores.
  4.  Fluency in English is required, however, IELTS/TOEFL is not needed

MBBS/ MD at Caucasus International University, Georgia.

Medical Programs at Caucasus International University

  1. Undergraduate Educational Program in Pharmacy- – 2490 GEL ( Cost - Georgian Lari)
    • Program workload = 240 credit units
    • Duration 4 years( 8 semesters.)
    • Qualification to be awarded – The Bachelor of Pharmacy
    • Since the year 2014, the program has been implemented in the faculty of Medicine
  2. One-Cycle Educational Program in Medicine offered in Georgian – 3490 GEL( Cost - Georgian Lari)
    • Program workload = 360 credit units
    • Duration 6 years (12 semesters)
    • Qualification to be awarded – Doctor of Medicine
    • The program was introduced in the year 2012 at the Faculty of Medicine
  3. Educational Program in Medicine, the language of instruction English (for entrants admitted through Unified National Exams) - 4950 GEL
    • English Educational Program in Medicine – 5500 USD
    • Program workload = 360 credit units
    • Duration 6 years, 12 semesters.
    • Qualification to be awarded – Doctor of Medicine
    • The program was introduced at the Faculty of Medicine in 2012
  4. Educational Program in Dentistry – 2950 GEL
    • Program workload = 300 credit units
    • Duration = 5 years(10 semesters)
    • Qualification to be awarded – Doctor of Dentistry
    • In the year 2012, the program was implemented at the Faculty of Medicine
  5. English Educational Program in Dentistry
    • Program workload = 300 credit units
    • Duration 5 years (10 semesters)
    • Qualification to be awarded – Doctor of Dentistry
    • In the year 2013, the program was implemented at the Faculty of Medicine
  6. Therapeutic Dentistry Residency Program - 6200 GEL
    • The program was accredited on 22. 06. 2020 by the Accreditation Council for Professional Development of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.
    • Accreditation for 3 years.
    • The duration of the program – is 11 months
    • After finishing the entire residency program and obtaining the appropriate certificate
    • The resident must pass a state certification test to be able to work independently in the healthcare industry. Once certified, a dentist who has completed residency training can work as a dentist-therapist in any medical facility involved in prevention and treatment, regardless of their organizational or legal affiliation



How to Apply?

Admission process:

The admission and application for the year 2023-2024 start by October 2023 till March 2024, and the admission process at The Caucasus International University, Georgia typically involves the following steps:

  1. The application form is available on the official website of Caucasus International University. If you are facing issues while filling up forms, contact us at Education World for further assistance, or may contact 9871456199
  2. Attach all the scanned documents required later there would be a virtual round of interviews for the scheduled time and date.
  3. Next! An accreditation letter will be allowed to the applicant by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia within 30 days then the invitation letter will be generated for the student.
  4. The visa approval takes a month nearly and after the fee submission the day of the departure is been planned.

Required Documents:

  • The whole process will take approx. 1 month.
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What are the documents required for visa application?

Photocopy of passport

  • Passport-size photographs
  • Authority letter from the Ministry of Georgia
  • School leaving certificate & mark sheet of standard 12th
  • Admission Letter & Accommodation Letter
  • Flight ticket
  • Medical as well as travel insurance
  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Receipt of fee deposit
  • Medical Fitness Test certificate


Keep tracking the application form filling initial and last dates.

  1. Spring semester - From 10 September to 15 February
  2. Autumn Semester - From 1 March to 20 August

An amount of 200 USD has to be paid by the student for the application fee which is non -refundable, either in case he withdraws his application, or the ministry rejects his application.


Key points:

  • Established in year = 1995
  • Language = Georgian/ English
  • Recognition = WHO, NMC, MCI, FAIMER
  • Yearly tuition fee: 5500 USD
  • Exams = No need for any English test, NEET is mandatory.
  • Practical training = Yes
  • Library = Yes
  • Students can appear for exams like USMLE, and PLAB = Yes
  • Degree = Integral MD (Equivalent to  MBBS)
  • Duration = 6 year
  • Credit Load = 360 ECTS
  • Accommodation and Food cost =$ 2500 per year
  • CO-ED = yes

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