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MBBS in Kazakhstan is a very good option for Indian students to fulfil their dream of becoming a Doctor. MBBS in Kazakhstan brings the opportunity to study in Medical College in Kazakhstan at low cost and MCI WHO approved colleges in Kazakhstan. Learn here more about MBBS programs in Kazakhstan We have helped many indian students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. MBBS in India is getting costly day by day and seats are also very limited. In this case, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan becomes the only good option for Indian students, to study MBBS in Kazakhstan at a lowest fee MBBS College in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, being the world's 9th biggest country is very economically advanced, due to its abundant rserves of oil and other valuable minerals. This inherently brings better standards of living, accomodation, transport then anywhere else in Asia. The biggest city, Almaty, is almost reminiscent of Europe with its leafy avenues, chic cafes, glossy shopping centres and hedonistic nightlife. The capital Astana, on the windswept northern steppe, has been transformed into a 21st-century showpiece with a profusion of bold futuristic architecture. But it's beyond the cities that you'll find the greatest travel adventures.

Indian Students studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is an emerging destination for medical aspirants and to pursue their dream to study in Kazakhstan. MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is simple and admission process is very easy without any complications and complexities.Education standard is extremely high maintaining its quality and aspirants are not required to appear for the medical examination. Universities there provide teaching with world class methods and ideologies. Simultaneously, they gain an international exposure which is an advantage to them. All these reasons have been able to draw many students to Kazakhstan for their higher studies. MBBS in Kazakhstan is a good way for Indian students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan and become global doctors. After MBBS in Kazakhstan, they can practice anywhere.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Unlike other asian countries, Kazakhstan is very economically advanced and developed nation.
  • Highly Qualified Faculties.
  • MBBS Tution Fee is very less compared to India.
  • Living Expenses are much lower than other developed Nations.
  • Its visa system is more friendly as is their weather.
  • Colleges and Universities are recognized by International Bodies and Organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, AMEE, IMED FAIMER.
  • Climate is moderate throughout the year.
  • Students graduating here can take screening tests like MCI (INDIA), USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK) etc.

Living in Kazakhstan for studying MBBS


Kazakhstan Food & Accomodation

Living is not an issue in Kazakhstan. For International Students, thera a variety of options. Either they can get a university dormitory or stay in private hostels or rent living rooms with some hosts. Cuisine in the country is greatly influenced by the neighbourhood. From chines to russian to european, you can find almost every food items. There are foods with quite some eastern European influence. Kazakhstan is relatively safe, not very congested and not polluted Study MBBS in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan Climate

Kazakhstan's climate is sharply continental. Thats means, it's much like India, with winters being cold while summers being moderate. In some regions, temperature may go down very low but other times it is little cold to moderate, thus making it a favourite place to live in. Study MBBS in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan Culture

Kazakhstan has a well-articulated culture based on the nomadic pastoral economy of the inhabitants. Besides lamb, many other traditional foods retain symbolic value in Kazakh culture. Kazakh culture is largely influenced by the Turkic nomadic lifestyle. Because animal husbandry was central to the Kazakhs' traditional lifestyle, most of their nomadic practices and customs relate in some way to livestock. The traditional Kazakh dwelling is the yurt, a tent consisting of a flexible framework of willow wood covered with varying thicknesses of felt. Study MBBS in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan is largest landlocked country. Kazakhstan offers very beultiful cities to visit which are like 21st century showpiece with futuristic architecture. Apart from its modern cities, from mountains to plateaus to deserts and arid regions, Kazakhstan has a lot to offer you to travel and see. Study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Colleges in Kazakhstan

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University, Astana, Kazakhstan

Al-farabi Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

915, Naurang House,
K.G.Marg, Connaught Place,
New Delhi, 110001

Monday - Saturday
10:00 AM - 07:00 PM